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"Towards a New Urban Agenda" CURI Annual Report 2015

The theme of the CURI 2015 Annual Report is Towards a Urban New Agenda, in acknowledgement of the adoption of the new 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The SDG’s provide much to reflect on, and to the Centre, they have provided an avenue to re-direct our focus towards sustainability, in our bid to be a Centre of excellence in promoting urban research, innovations and effective planning in Africa and beyond.

The genesis of CURI stems from the Urban Innovations Project (UIP), founded in 2007, by a small group of urban professionals committed to explore new planning paradigms that are more responsive and effective in addressing challenges in contemporary and future urban settlements in Africa. Over the years, we have received and benefited from many internationally competitive research grants and contracts, and participated in many collaborative programmes, research and policy workshops.

In this publication, we share the milestones we have achieved in 2015, by providing a synopsis of the work undertaken under CURI’s principal thematic areas; Applied Urban Research and City Lab; Collaborative Urban Planning; Urban Policy and Dialogue; and, Planning Education and Continuous Professional Development. In 2015, CURI has continued to champion innovative, livable, inclusive and sustainable urban areas and cities through projects that have focused on slum upgrading, urban policy dialogues, effective and efficient urban service provision, and, ICT.

For the Year 2016, the Centre plans to continue collaborative and applies research with Government, civil society, and development partners, and in particular extend collaboration for effective urban planning and management to larger number of upcoming municipalities in Kenya and wider East Africa. The Center will play a greater role in urban policy dialogue through symposium, seminars and publication of its research output, as it seeks to promote inclusive and resilient urban areas and cities.

Reflecting back to 2007 when the Centre began, I can proudly say that the core of the Centre has been the tireless commitment and energy of the entire team of staff and associates, who share the dream of elevating CURI to a Centre of excellence. I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to you all for your exemplary efforts, work and energy.

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Prof. Peter Ngau - Director, CURI

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