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Policy Brief - Sustainable Solutions Towards Prevention of Slum Gentrification after Land Allocation to Individual Squatters

One way through which poverty in cities is manifested is through proliferation of slums and informal settlements. To address the question of growing slums, various policy interventions have been attempted including but not limited to; issuance of land titles to informal settlers/squatters, slum upgrading through enabling approaches such as infrastructure improvement and slum eradication through evictions.

Nonetheless, these initiatives have failed to address the core problem as they privatize land and transfer it to individuals who further transfer the land back to the market and return to slums creating a vicious cycle. This paper explores policy options that can be adopted to address the question of land access for the urban poor. The strategies explored herein include individual allocation, relocation and communal ownership through a community managed structure. This has been done in the context of Nyamaroto informal settlement in Nakuru - a settlement currently occupying public land. The paper further recommends models that promote communal responsibility in land management in order to safeguard land after allocation. These are models that engage tenure security as both formal and informal relations, process and product. This interchange between the formal and informal mechanism in secure land tenure enables re-positioning of land from the market driven idea of property to a mechanism of citizenship, livelihoods and lifestyle. This form of relation ensures that individuals do not privatize land and transfer it to the market and return to slums.

The Policy Brief is available at CURI Publications on the link below; 

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