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ESER Unlimited Power Bank


ESER Unlimited Power Bank - Power bank also commonly known as a backup battery or a portable charger that serves to charge the battery gadget / mobile phone wherever and whenever you are. With the power of your bank no longer need to fear running out of battery on the street, so you more freedom in using the gadget / mobile phone to browse, check email, chat, play games, read magazines, and conduct other activities without fear of running out of battery.

many brands in the market power of banks, but only a few can provide security for gadget / mobile phone.

I review here are a few little mistakes in choosing a power bank:
1. Tempted with a large capacity and cheap price.
case: not all power bank on the market has a good quality standard, many afloat using 2nd battery (aka battery used) in order to pursue certain price is cheap and the pursuit of profit.
solution: choose power banks already have a name (in the eyes of international) and secured with a minimum warranty 1th, pay a little pricey, but the gadgets we save.

2. selecting power capacity by a big bank.
case: the purpose of buying power bank is so easy to carry everywhere, not to be a burden on your luggage.
solution: choose a power bank that suits your daily needs, if you only need an extra 2000mAh of power per day, choose a power bank with 2600mAh capacity.

3. not account CELL battery power bank.
case: many users are simply choosing power bank based brand that has been previously circulated or novelties price regardless CELL battery inside.
solution: CELL battery power bank will determine the lifespan of the power bank itself, then choose JAPAN CELL. JAPAN CELL known that quality is assured, if you want to choose a maximum of SANYO.
4. using connectors which are not original.
case: it is that important, but often overlooked by the user manual power bank, power bank that offers a lot of variety of connectors, but not accompanied by a good quality standard, which can cause short circuits and harm your beloved gadget.
solution: use a data cable original default gadget / phone you, because it's guaranteed quality (more stable current flow) as well as safe for gadget / mobile phone.

5. choose a bank based solely on the number of power connectors that are offered.
case: it is highly fatal, many users are taking the decision of buying power bank only consider a lot / complete absence of connectors provided by the brand tersebt.
solution: ESER Unlimited Power Bank we should be suspicious of a brand that provides plenty of connectors inside the packaging, because not all power bank can charge using the original connector built-gadgets / hp. it's good to ask before the sales / sellers who sell "if the power of the bank's support for charging data cable original default gadget / hp. so we are forced not to gadget charging cable connectors use the default power bank, power bank, especially if it does not provide fitur2 safety are.

6. choose bank power without weighing fitur2 what they say.
case: users often assume that the power bank is simply a tool to deliver power to the gadget / mobile phones, so do not think about other fitur2.
solution: fitur2 bank power is essential to the security gadget / mobile phone, you should choose a bank that has the power that various security features. The common features that the power contained in the bank is as follows:
* Short circuit protection to protect >>> handy gadget / phone you if there is a short circuit, so if there is a short circuit, power both banks and gadget / phone you are protected from damage, therefore we recommend to use the default data cable / original gadget / handphone.
* >>> Over charging protection protects your gadget from damage when the gadget / mobile phone in charge for too long, such as in charge left overnight sleep. This feature will automatically turn off the electrical current if the battery gadget / mobile phone is fully charged.
* >>> Temperature protection feature will detect overheating when charging battery.

7. banks do not pay attention to the power output.
case: this feature is actually quite important, but many users are ignored and many brands of power output stream banks are not real (the brand that is widely used not guarantee that real output), so charging gadget / mobile phone becomes old. solution: choose output power bank that promises a real, making the process faster and a maximum charging.

ESER Unlimited Power Bank

8. Last CHOOSE POWER BANK who have received UL certification (bank power quality standards, guaranteed)

for those who want to buy power bank and still confused can ask directly to the nearest mobile worker

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